The boycott campaign of the Turkish goods and products continues north and northeast Syria as a popular response to "Peace Spring" operation • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The boycott campaign of the Turkish goods and products continues north and northeast Syria as a popular response to “Peace Spring” operation

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the continuation of boycott campaign of the Turkish products and goods in areas of control of the Kurdish Forces in the northern countryside of Aleppo, and in areas of control of the Syria Democratic Forces and the military councils north and northeast of Syria, where the distribution continues of leaflets and brochures bearing Turkish brand names to be boycotted; in response to the Turkish military operation east of Euphrates called “Peace Spring”, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 24th of October 2019 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored today, the launching of a popular campaign sponsored by Rojava University in the north-east of Syria, to boycott Turkish goods, in protest against the Turkish military operation “Peace Spring” launched by the Turkish forces and their loyal factions in the north-east of Syria before 15 days, and according to the call to boycott Turkish goods -of which the Syrian Observatory received a copy- “the serious aggression by the fascist Turkish state and its mercenaries of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, took place under American green light”, and the statement added “the fascist Turkish state uses all its military, economic and political power in Rojava against the will of our people, and attack the citizens using tanks, artillery pieces and internationally banned chemical weapons such as white phosphorus, under the name of religion and the cries “Allah Akbar” (Allah is Great).”

And as stated in the call; “in the face of this brutal aggression, the peoples of north and east Syria, will not stand idly by and silent, but we will back our fighters who fight with all of their power to protect Rojava and the honor of its people in all ways”, it added “the Turkish state receive financial and logistic support from reactionary countries which finance terrorism, like Qatar, and from incomings of tourism and trade, so our people aim to get the sources of this attack dry, through boycotting the Turkish goods and not to travel to Turkey, and we were able to reach good results so far, and accordingly, we thank all of who supported this campaign, and for our part in Rojava University, we join the boycott campaign and call upon our people and the Autonomous Administration to stop buying Turkish goods and to boycott them, in which each Lira enter the Turkish banks is considered a phosphors bomb used against our children, and every time you buy Turkish products, you have to remember the killing of our children, also all the goods brought to Syria, are being turned in to money for the Islamic State Organization and the mercenaries that exterminate our people”, and the statement concluded by saying: “Do not support fascism with your money .. Turkish products carry the smell of blood.”

And according to what the SOHR monitored; the students of Rojava University announced that they have joined the campaign of boycott Turkish goods, and called upon the whole Syrian people to abstain from buying Turkish goods, and the SOHR learned that the campaign has been largely promoted after being launched by Rojava University, then it moved to prevail Al-Qamishli city then to all the areas of the Syrian Jazeera.

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