The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Jaysh al-Sharqiyyah which is loyal to Turkey cuts off the citizens’ trees in Jendires in Afrin countryside and sell them as firewood for heating

Aleppo Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the pro-Ankara factions are continuing their violations against the people of Afrin represented by daily thefts and looting actions.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that members of the Turkish-backed army of Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah, heads to the agricultural orchards daily in Jendires Township in Afrin countryside, to cut off tens of trees from farm fields owned by persons from the area, of those who have displaced from their villages after the factions of the operation “Olive Branch” and the Turkish forces imposed their control over the area.

According to information obtained by SOHR; the trees cutting off is carried out daily and the faction’s members sell them to merchants as firewood for heating.