المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The Russians did not interfere to protect the regime forces from an attack carried out by the Turkish forces or to halt it, although a Russian patrol was near the position that came under attack

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that there was a Russian patrol in Allouk village, and despite of being near the area of clashes in Abu Rasin countryside and Tal Tamr countryside, the Turkish attacks continued.

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that there are many questions about how there was a Russian patrol along with an attack carried out by the Turkish forces and their loyal factions.

The area that the Russians visited was near and every thing happened was possible to seen and heard from it.

There are questions about the reasons that made the Russian patrol not to protect the regime forces, these forces that have been deployed in those areas by order of Russia, according to the deal between Putin and Erdogan.

The regime forces escaped from the area despite having heavy weapons, they lost a fighter and ten others were injured, there are many questions about what happened needed to be answered, why the regime forces were left without being defended, although Russia is the power that brought them to this area!

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