The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The warplanes carry out more raids on the countryside of Hama

Homs Province: The regime forces shelled areas in the city of Talbisah and village al- Sa’en in the northern countryside of Homs.


Clashes took place between the regime forces and allied militiamen against IS personals in the area located in the northwest of the village of Om al- Tababir with no information about casualties.



Hama Province: The number of raids carried out on places in the township of Aqayrabat in the east of Hama has risen to 18. The helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on places in the village of al- Sayyad and town of Allatamnah in the north of Hama leading to kill 2 fighters at least from the Islamic battalions. The warplanes carried out a raid on al- Bal’as Mountain in the east of Hama.