The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

10 members of the regime forces killed and wounded in Damascus, and clashes break out between IS and the Islamic factions in Rif Dimashq

Damascus Province: The regime forces shelled areas in al- Yarmuk Camp leading to kill some persons, including a commander in the Nusra Front, and initial information about death of more members in the Nusra Front.


Clashes took place between the regime forces and allied militiamen against the rebel and Islamic battalions near al- Yarmuk Camp.


A loud explosion was heard in the neighborhood of al- Qadam caused by explosion in a regime ammunition dump due to targeting it by the rebel and Islamic faction leading to kill and wound about 10 regime members with information about others.


Rif Dimashq Province: The helicopters dropped 4 barrel bombs on the city of al- Zabadani.


Clashes took place between IS militants against the rebel and Islamic factions in the southeast of Rif Dimashq, information reported advancement for the rebel and Islamic factions and casualties on both sides.