Like many Syrians .. (R.H.) a citizen woman who lost her husband and 3 of her children in the war, tells her testimony and appeals to the humanitarian organizations • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Like many Syrians .. (R.H.) a citizen woman who lost her husband and 3 of her children in the war, tells her testimony and appeals to the humanitarian organizations

In a small room lacks the minimum aspects of livelihood, the 38-year old citizen woman (R.H.) lives, in Kafr Takharim town, with her only child after the death of her husband and her other 3 children in airstrikes targeted Karsaa town in the southern countryside of Idlib, and as a part of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ follow-up on the humanitarian and service situations of citizens who suffered the horror of the Syrian war, SOHR obtained the testimony of the citizen woman (R.H.) who said “my name is R.H. from Karsaa town in the southern countryside of Idlib, I am 38 years old, before the events started in Syria, my husband used to work in the field of real estate, we had been living comfortably, before we suffered from the bitterness of bloody events like the rest Syrians did, and when we were in Karsaa town, we used to displace continuously in the past years and with every campaign of shelling on the town, to the camps of Atma in the northern countryside of Idlib, then to return to our house, we were not completely settled here, my husband has neither participated in the events nor worked for any body in Syria, his work was confined to buy and sell real estate of lands and houses, his martyrdom affected greatly on my life and my conditions worsened, he was killed in 2014 as he was driving his car on his way to work, before a warplane targeted him with an airstrike leaving him dead, here, my suffering started, he left 4 children, the task I had was too large, I became responsible for bring them up and address their needs, and in the shadow of poor living conditions his family was suffering from, I decided to stay at my house to provide for my children and take care of them, knowing that I was often offered to be married, but I refused in order not to abandon my children.”

In her testimony to the Syrian Observatory, R.H. added “in 2018, I had an encounter with the martyrdom of 3 of my children, they are Hassan, Hussein and Lamiaa, who were in primary stage at that time (grades 1, 2 and 3), after a warplane targeted the town by several airstrikes, and while I was working  in a farmland -picking peas- near the town, we heard the sound of airstrikes, so the boss sent us away to the town, I noticed a large number of citizens gathered near a shop, I hurried to the place of the bombardment and was shocked when I found out that they all martyred as they were on their way to the shop, I found nothing from them but a little of Lamiaa’s hair and her shirt, that incident was the end of life for me, I lived for nothing but to see them grown-up and successful in their lives, now I only have Mu’tasim who is 7 years old.”

R.H. said “after the latest shelling and escalation over the area, I was obliged to displace from the town like the rest inhabitants, who were distributed into several areas in the Syrian north, and for me, I settled down in Kafr Takharim town with my brother and his wife, where I lived with him for more than 2 months, then he decided to leave to Turkey with his wife to get work, and I got a small room for free by one of the locals of the town, and I still stay in it, I have too poor conditions, I am not able to by our needs in the shadow of the significant high prices, winter is approaching but I could not secure heating materials, all provided to me by the Local Council is only one food basket and 40 USD, I also suffer from securing potable water.”

She ended its testimony with appealing to the humanitarian organizations to lend a helping hand to her, “first of all, I need heating materials as winter approaches, I also need foodstuffs, and I hope this suffering to come to an end and to return to our houses as soon as possible” she added.

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