The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Barrel bombs target Latakia countryside in conjunction with 90 airstrikes on Idlib and Latakia countryside

Two helicopters took turns in dropping barrel bombs targeting the hills of Kabani in the northern countryside of Latakia.

Thus, it rose to 50, the number of barrel bombs and navy mines dropped by helicopters since today’s noon, where they have targeted places in Kafr Nubl, Rakay, Al-Ftirah, Karsaa, Marrat Hurma, Jbala, Kafr Sajna and Tal Al-Nar in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Meanwhile, warplanes targeted Kabani area in jabal Al-Akrad with 13 airstrikes.

For their part, the Russian warplanes have carried out 27 raids since morning on Shnan, Freka and its vicinity, Al-Najiyyeh, Tremla, Al-Mshrifa and Satuh Al-Deir in both southern and western countryside of Idlib.

Also it rose to 280, the number of ground strikes of artillery and rocket shells through which the regime forces targeted the southern, eastern and south-eastern countryside of Idlib, and

in Jabal al-Zawiyah south of Idlib city, while the regime forces shelled after midnight of yesterday places in Ma’aret Hurmah, Kafrsajna, Sheikh Mustafa, Bsaqla, and Arinbeh in the southern sector of Idlib countryside, and Jabal Al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Latakia, in addition the western neighborhoods of Aleppo city.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also documented the death of 3 brothers and the injury of 3 others due to barrel bombs dropped by helicopters on a sports arena in Kafr Sajna town today evening.