The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

An ISIS member within the pro-Turkey factions, was arrested for stealing 35 gas cylinders .. and information about involvement of the member in imposing royalties and blackmailing the residents of Palmyra while being in Turkey

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained audio recordings today, of phone calls by a former member of the “Islamic State” organization named (S.N.), in which he was threatening a lady to kill her only son and capture her daughters.

He is now a member within the Turkey-loyal factions, where reliable sources suggested that he is a member within “Al-Hamzat Division”, he is now in the custody of what is known as “Military Police” in Ras Al-Ayn (Sere Kaniye).

According to what reliable sources said to SOHR; the member in question is a former ISIS member in what was known as “Homs State” between 2014 and late 2017.

He was just arrested while stealing 35 gas cylinders in Ras Al-Ayn area with another ISIS member who is protected by one of the members of the pro-Turkey factions, the sources added, where he was arrested with others during this robbery, and in one of the audio recordings, the sound of a member appears mediating to try to get him out of prison.

“The member in question entered Turkey in 2016, where he started to blackmail residents in Palmyra forcing them to pay royalties, it reached to threaten his aunt of killing her only son and capturing her daughters in the case that she refused to pay royalties he imposed on her” sources said.