M.A.S., a former ISIS member joins "Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

M.A.S., a former ISIS member joins “Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah”

As part of attempts by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to document violations of the Turkey-loyal factions against the civilians in the areas they have taken control of, and documenting members of the “Islamic State” organization who are joining the ranks of Turkey-loyal factions; the Syrian Observatory obtained new information about the so-called M.A.S., he is from Mahkan village of the Syrian city of al-Mayadin

And according to what reliable sources confirmed, “he joined the Islamic State organization in 2015, in the ranks of the School Diwan, the Organization imprisoned him at the end of 2016 on charges of stealing and misappropriation of funds, and after the Syrian regime’s operation for controlling Deir Ezzor began; he fled the organization’s ranks and arrived in al-Rai town to join his uncle, the leader in the Turkey-loyal faction (Ahrar Eastern Army), his uncle worked on joining him in the ranks of the Turkey-loyal faction.”

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