The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

As part of the continuous harassment of Afrin’s, Turkey-loyal faction kidnap more than 10 people and take them to jail

Aleppo Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that Turkey-loyal factions arrested 10 people from Basutah village this morning; while they were going to work in the orchards, they also arrested a young Kurdish man from “Shiyah” area and took him to the military police in Afrin.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 14th of November 2019 that the reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that the Turkish intelligence and what known as “Political Security” which is one of the pro-Turkey military forms in their areas of influence, have kidnapped 6 women and an elderly man from Afrin city center, and took them to their prisons in the area.

2 women and the elderly man were released later, while the fate of the 4 other women is still unknown.

SOHR published yesterday, that members of the Turkey-loyal factions kidnapped 6 citizens in Afrin countryside, and took them to their prisons north of Aleppo.

Members of Al-Sham Corps kidnapped the 6 citizens yesterday evening from Kabashin village of Shirawa Township, reliable sources told SOHR.

While local sources confirmed that the kidnappers took them to a private prison of them in the village of “Iskan / Isku” of Shirawa Township.

Such actions come in the frame of clamping down on the Kurdish citizens to force them leave through mean ways such as kidnapping, asking for ransoms and other violations, without being there authorities to hold them accountable.

SOHR published on November 2, that in the wake of the ongoing violations against the Kurds of Afrin by the pro-Turkey factions, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the Turkish-backed faction of “Sultan Fateh” forced the locals of “Arab Oshaghi” village of “Maabatli” Township in Afrin countryside, to bring sacks of firewood from their houses to the brigade’s headquarters in the city, by instructing, via the village’s mosque, that in the case of not bringing the sacks of firewood, the members of the faction will uproot the olive trees in the village.

And the SOHR published on the 1st of November 2019, that the Military Police which is loyal to Turkey, have arrested several persons in Sharran Township in the countryside of Afrin city, and according to the sources of the SOHR; the arrest came against the backdrop of accusing them of involving in detonations rocked Afrin city earlier, which is under the control of the Turkish forces and their loyal factions.