The so-called "General Shura Council" accepts the resignation of the "Rescue Government" and assigns a new president with 30 days deadline • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The so-called “General Shura Council” accepts the resignation of the “Rescue Government” and assigns a new president with 30 days deadline

Sources told the Syrian Observatory that the “General Shura Council accepted the resignation of the cabinet of ministers of the rescue government”, which it submitted on the 16th of November 2019, and sources confirmed that the acceptance came after voting by the Shura members, while a new president was assigned to the 3rd session, and he was given 30 days to form his government, and according to the outcome of the Shura Council meeting, the current government is considered a caretaker government pending the formation of a new government, it worth mentioning that the “rescue” government manages civil institutions in the Turkish – Russian agreement area in Idlib, and in parts of the countryside of Latakia, Hama, and Aleppo northwest of Syria, it is also considered the civil l interface of Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 16th of October 2019 that members of the Shura Council are holding an emergency meeting after the “Rescue” government resigned; conjunction with the end of it term, the sources added that the Shura Council meeting came to give the current ministers a new term, due to the circumstances the “Rescue” government is facing in the areas it runs. Informed sources said that the term of the “rescue” government is believed to be extended for several months to come.

Inhabitants of the areas which are controlled by Tahrir al-Sham and the Rescue Government are witnessing serious living difficulties, and what made things worse is the flee of the humanitarian organizations, because of the presence of the followers of “Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham”, which did not leave a tax without imposing it even on poor people, where the “rescue” government imposed 5% on what comes out of oil in the oil compressors factories, which caused widespread resentment among farmers, and this resentment was increased after the siege of Kafar Takharim city early November.

Also, the areas are witnessing widespread protests over the loss of fuel from the markets while Watad Company is monopolizing fuel for its own benefit, where the price of one liter of gasoline has doubled in conjunction with “Peace Spring” operation. And several towns in Idlib and Aleppo witnessed widespread protests because of the “Rescue” Government’s policy, which the population see as a tool and front for the Joulani and the jihadi organizations, that suffocated and continue to suffocate the citizens and rob them before their eyes.

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