By Russian orders, regime's authorities release about 110 detainees of Daraa Province • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

By Russian orders, regime’s authorities release about 110 detainees of Daraa Province

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that regime’s authorities released about 110 detainees from their security branches, where sources of the Syrian Observatory said that all of them are from Daraa province, among them are women who have been arrested over the years of the Syrian revolution, including those who were arrested after the regime returned to control Daraa completely, i.e., their arrest came despite the “settlement and reconciliations” they had made, where the release was ordered directly by the real ruler of Syria, the Russians, and this comes in light of the escalation of security chaos, kidnapping, theft, looting, attacks, and assassination attempts in various forms and methods through IED detonations, mines, booby-trapped vehicles, and shootings, not to mention the violations of Hezbollah militias, Iranians, and the Syrian regime’s intelligence.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 13th of November 2019 that these operations cast a shadow on the Syrian civilians, causing fear, terror, and panic which push the people to carry out demonstrations against those in control of Daraa, whether the regime forces or its Russian and Iranian allies, expressing their displeasure with the security chaos that is spreading in the south of Syria, at a time when the regime forces tighten their security grip on civilians only, through arbitrary arrests, scrutiny, and harassment on the checkpoints which are spread throughout the province, in addition to the raids, not to mention the low living situation and the difficult living conditions of Daraa people, in the past few days, the Syrian Observatory monitored several demonstrations in Daraa city and the towns and villages of Tal Shihab, Ajami, Zayzoun, al-Mzyrib, Yadudeh, Tafas, al-Sanamin, and al-Shajra in Daraa countryside.

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