The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Protests in “Daraa” call for releasing the detainees and the toppling of the regime and “Al-Baath Party” and affirm the continuation of Revolution

A group of young men from Nawa city in the western countryside, participated in a vigil demanding the toppling of the Syrian regime and “Al-Baath Party”, and a number of residents raised signboards demanding the release of detainees, and affirming the continuation of Revolution.

On November 15, SOHR published that locals of Daraa province arranged vigils in Daraa Al-Balad and Sahem Al-Golan, calling for the release of detainees from the regime’s prisons.

They raised signboards wrote on them “There is no good in a nation that forgets its people in prisons”, “Until what? We want the detainees”, “Pain is to miss someone but can not find him”, and “lift your security grip .. no for Atef Naguib’s policy”.

The demonstrators also condemned the presence of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria, where they raised signboards wrote on them “Syria is free .. Iran has to leave”, and others read “O Iran and Hezbollah .. there is no place for you here”.

The province of Daraa witnessed demonstrations and protests in the past days amid popular resentment against the presence of  Iran’s militias and Hezbollah in the area in addition to the growing security chaos.

On November 12, SOHR published evening demonstrations went out in the towns of Tal Shehab, Al-Ajami and Zayzun in the western countryside of Daraa.

The demonstrators called for the releasing of detainees and the exit of Iranian-affiliated Lebanese Hezbollah from the province.

These demonstrations come in the shadow of popular overwhelming resentment prevails the province against the presence of Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian militias that are working on recruiting young men in order to get their claws into the area.

It is noteworthy that the province of Daraa witnesses demonstrations from time to time demanding the exit of these militias.