The "Salvation Government" call upon the internet service providers for getting back to its telecommunication company in order to impose new taxes • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Salvation Government” call upon the internet service providers for getting back to its telecommunication company in order to impose new taxes

The “Salvation Government” issued a decree, via General Telecommunications Corporation, in which it required the internet service providers in the liberated areas of Syrian North, for getting back to (SYR CONNECT) Company that is concerned with providing and distributing broadband data in the areas of influence of Hayyaaat Tahrir Al-Sham and the factions, to cooperate with the company before the 28th of November 2019.

Sources informed SOHR that the Salvation Government will impose taxes over the owners of the telecom companies and value it according to the service consumption and speed.

The areas of north-west Syria are empty of Mobile Telephone Service and the Landline Telephone Service that is connected to telephone exchanges outside Idlib, except some areas near the controlled areas of the regime forces, and the Turkish posts that are equipped with Turkish telecom towers, while the telecom towers and the lines and cables of telephone exchanges were stolen years ago.

On November 4, SOHR published that it monitored a demonstration in Kafr Takharim city north-west of Idlib.

Sources informed SOHR that the demonstrators have dismissed the deputies of the General Authority for Zakat stationed in Olive compressors.

The demonstrators also burned the papers on which they write down the amount of Zakat of each farmer, and dismissed the members of the police outpost thet belongs to Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham.

In this context, an evening demonstration went out in Idlib city condemning the decrees of the Salvation Government.

On the 3rd of November 2019, SOHR published that residents of “Idlib” continued their rejection of the decisions of the “Rescue Government”, where there was an evening demonstration in the city of Idlib demanding the “Rescue Government” to reduce taxes and prices.

A source told the SOHR that the people of the city went out this evening, in a mass demonstration against the rescue government, after its decisions to raise the price of electric amperes, where the price of one ampere in the city was 2500 Syrian pounds for three and a half hours, but was increased to 3000 Syrian pounds with reducing the number of hours of electricity to three hours a day, in addition to reducing the weight of one bundle of bread to 750 grams, instead of 900 grams per bag.

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