Information about orders to the "regime forces" in the Syrian North not to engage with the Turkish forces • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Information about orders to the “regime forces” in the Syrian North not to engage with the Turkish forces

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by reliable sources, that a number of members of the regime forces headed to stand in the side of Syria Democratic Forces in their fight against the pro-Turkey factions, breaking the official decrees to them.

According a reliable sources; the regime forces have orders not to fire even a single gunshot at the Turkish forces, or to engage in clashes against Turkey.

Rami Abdulrahman, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, pointed that the reasons for the escalation by Turkish forces and their Syrian proxies after the Russian – Turkish accord provided for stopping at a distance of 3 km away from the M4 highway, are still unknown.

“There are 19 casualties in the ranks of both parties in the battles of Ayn Issa, and Turkish drones and artillery participated in this operation. As a result of these clashes, the pro-Turkey factions took control of Ayn Issa Camp which used to contain families of ISIS members” said Abdulrahman.

“Turkey lied when it claimed that it suspended military operation, in fact, it only suspended the warplanes’ attacks, but its drones, artillery and their loyal factions are still continuing the combat operations, and took control of tens of villages during this month”

Abdulrahman wondered about the reasons for pulling out the regime forces and why they did not fight the Turkey-loyal factions in this area, “Are these Russian orders?” Abdulrahman added.

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