The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Information about the involvement of pro-Turkey factions in “organ trade” incidents .. SOHR calls upon the relevant organizations for urgent investigation about these accusations

Suspicions surround organ trade incidents by the Turkish forces and their Syrian proxies in the areas under their control in “Tal Abyad”, exploiting the corpses autopsy in Turkish hospitals.

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that one of the victims of the terror bombing in Tal Abyad which left tens of people between killed and wounded, was relieved at the place of bombing then taken to the hospital, but returned dead.

According to what the sources said; the owner of one of car parts stores, called (F.T.), was injured in the explosion that took place in Tal Abyad, and he has been relieved and taken to the hospital, he was alive and aware and could walk on his feet, he suffered nothing but a wound in his hand. However, he was brought dead and his abdomen was open and sutured along the wound, amid suspicions about stealing his internal organs.

“The factions of al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah and Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah, stole the whole contents of one the shops targeted on November 18, under the pretext that his owner is Kurdish and deals with the Kurdish forces, so suspicions directed to these two factions about being involved in this bombing by using a car bomb in order to cover up their crimes” a source said.

Based on the testimonies obtained by SOHR, we in the Syrian Observatory call upon the Turkish and international human rights organizations, to investigate these incidents in the shadow of accusations against the pro-Turkey factions of being involved in organ trade incidents after stealing organs from the corpses of citizens in the areas under their control.

SOHR also warns against the danger of indulgence in investigating these events, and calls upon the international community and relevant organizations for transparent, just and open investigation, to see what is going on.