The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Unidentified warplanes target areas of influence of the pro-Turkey factions north of Aleppo and cause human and material losses

Sound of several explosions were heard in the controlled areas of Turkey-loyal factions north of Aleppo, due to raids by warplanes whose identity is not known.

Local sources said that 6 explosions were heard in different areas, and the sources confirmed that the raids targeted Al-Haraqat area near Tarhin village, Al-Burj village and the southern part of Jarabulus city.

Confirmed information was received about the injury of a number of civilians in Tarhin village, also several tankers used for transporting fuel were burnt.

On November 10, SOHR monitored monitored several explosions carried out by aircraft whose identity are not known so far, that targeted the western part of Kafra town near Azaz city in the north of Aleppo.

Sources told the Syrian Observatory that 3 explosions at least were heard in the area, and SOHR learned that the explosions targeted headquarters of “Jaysh Mohamed” which had pledged allegiance to jihadi organization and the “Islamic State” organization.

Sources informed SOHR that Turkish aircraft flew over Mare’ city amid news about the possibility of carrying out a new airdrop, like a previous airdrop carried out by the International Coalition to arrest one of ISIS members.

SOHR learned that the Turkish intelligence arrested Ahmed Obayd and Abu Obaydah Al-Masri in Turkey days ago.

SOHR also monitored security alertness by the pro-Turkey factions in their areas of influence.