The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Idlib is being clamped down upon through cutting off fuel and its deprivation warns a humanitarian catastrophe approaching

Idlib province and countryside connected to it, are witnessing a fuel crisis that grows daily, in conjunction with the entry of winter and the need to fuel for heating, generating electricity and running services and health facilities.

Sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights about the absence of gasoline from markets, both imported from Turkey and the locally refined, for several reasons the most important of which is the interruption of oil coming from north-east Syria, and bombarding the oil burners in the northern countryside of Aleppo days ago, in addition that the imported oil is entered in quantities that do not meet the area’s needs, which points to a process of tightening the grip on Idlib by several influential parties in the area, in addition that “Watad” Company assumed the fuel insurance file in the areas of influence of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham, while petrol stations become empty along the period of interruption.

Sources confirmed to SOHR that the “Salvation Government” provides diesel fuel in low prices, to bread furnaces in order to stabilize the price of bread bundle and make it available, while it reduced electricity availability time as fuel prices has increased 3 times over, in comparison with its price before the operation “Peace Spring”, where a liter of gasoline is sold today for 750 SYL (when being available), while it was available for 250 SYL before the Turkish operation.

With absence of fuel, some materials, goods and basic necessaries witness successive increase in prices, from a tank of water to the suspension of hospitals and stop of ambulances.

For its part, “Health Department of the Free Idlib” warned in a statement against a dangerous crisis due to the lack of oil products in markets especially diesel fuel, pointing out to the fact that tens of hospitals and health constructions are threatened to be closed and stop providing their medical services.

In its statement, the Department also pointed out to the fact that the lack of fuel needed to run power generators, or the increase in its prices (if being available), threatens to put hospitals and relief and medical facilities and departments, such as the operations rooms, intensive care departments, neonatal intensive care units and dialysis centers, out of service, as well as the stop of ambulances, where it became very expensive in the shadow of lack of potentials and absence of support provided by international organizations, the matter that may cause unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe ever.

It cleared up that this interruption is coincided with continuing bombardment by the regime and Russians on villages and towns of Idlib province, and what it caused from the large waves of displacement to the huge numbers of injuries who are in urgent need to health care, “Idlib Health Department” called upon all organizations, institutions and relevant parties to intervene quickly, save the situation and prevent a large humanitarian catastrophe, especially in the shadow of cruel humanitarian and living conditions from which the province’s locals suffer.