The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After breaking military orders and participating in fending off the Turkish offensive on Ayn Issa .. the regime’s security services summon an officer and his members to question them and keep 3 of them under arrest

Sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the regime’s security services summoned a whole group of the regime forces to question them concerning the case of the group that headed about a week ago, to fight in the side of Syria Democratic Forces against the Turkish forces and their loyal factions in the area of Ayn Issa north of Al-Raqqah, in which an officer of the regime forces headed on November 24, with members under his command to fend off the factions’ attack at the outskirts of Ayn Issa, in SDF side, but the regime operations command room in the area ordered them to withdraw, so they withdrew except 3 members who broke the orders and fought with SDF at that time.

The investigation led to holding the 3 members for questioning, while the rest members of the group have been released.

On November 24, SOHR published that a number of members of the regime forces headed to stand in the side of Syria Democratic Forces in their fight against the pro-Turkey factions, breaking the official decrees to them.

According a reliable sources; the regime forces have orders not to fire even a single gunshot at the Turkish forces, or to engage in clashes against Turkey.