The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

12 Russian – Turkish joint patrols toured in villages in the area of north and north-east Syria in November

The Russian forces and their Turkish counterpart have accomplished the 12th joint patrol within the Syrian North since such patrols started to be launched in early November, where the today’s patrol roamed in villages located between Al-Qamishly countryside and Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik) at the Syrian – Turkish border.

The patrol included 4 Turkish military vehicles and 4 Russian ones, escorted by drones.

On November 23, SOHR published that it monitored the Russian and Turkish Forces running a new joint patrol in the southwestern countryside of al-Darbasiyah city since the early hours of the morning, where the Russian vehicles arrived at the Shrekrak crossing at the border with Turkey, followed by the entry of Turkish military vehicles, then the joint patrol begin amid the flight of 2 helicopters in the sky of the area, and sources reported to the Syrian Observatory that the patrol was roaming in the same villages as the previous patrol.