About 13000 detainees tortured to death inside Bashar al- Assad's jails • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 13000 detainees tortured to death inside Bashar al- Assad’s jails

 SOHR could document the death of 12751 detainees inside the regime’s cellars and intelligence branches since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 3/18/2011 until yesterday 3/12/2015, where the Syrian authorities turned over some of corpses to their families while they told others that their sons died inside the detention facilities instructing them to collect death certificates for them. In addition to, they forces some families of those who died inside the cellars to sign on declarations that the opposition groups killed their sons.


Among the people who were killed inside the regime’s cellars, barracks and intelligence branches, there are 108 children under the age of 18 and 53 women. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has received information that there are a lot of people who tortured to death inside the regime’s cellars but their families are reticent about not mentioning the death of their sons because they are afraid of prosecution and arrest.


This statistic does not include the destiny of 20000 missing detainees inside the regime’s jails, barracks and intelligence branches and other thousands missed during the regime storm of several areas in Syria where they committed massacres in these areas. SOHR fears that those detainees will face the same destiny of thousands of people who tortured to death inside the regime jails.


We in SOHR call upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the international envoy to Syria “Staffan de Mistura” to put pressure on the Syrian regime to release the doctor and 200000 other detainees from the regime’s cellars as well as to release the political opponents and defenders of human rights, including Abdul Aziz al- Khayyer, Khalil Ma’toq, Husein Eso, Bassam Sahyoni and Mazen Darwish, where we are afraid of torturing them to death like thousands of detainees.