The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

42 people were killed including 10 members of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them, and 32 other persons in different circumstances in several areas of Syria yesterday

In Aleppo province, a citizen woman was killed due to rocket shelling by the Kurdish forces on Azaz city which is under control of the Turkish forces and their loyal factions in the northern countryside of Aleppo, also a child was killed due to the fall of shells fired by jihadi groups on Al-Wadihi village which is under control of the regime forces in the southern countryside of Aleppo

In Idlib province, a citizen was killed in the fall of barrel bombs dropped by helicopters on “Muhambal” town in the western countryside of Idlib

In Rif Dimashq province, a young man from Harasta city in the Eastern Ghouta was killed under torture in prisons of the Syrian regime, after he was arrested 4 years ago

A leader in the jihadi factions was killed with another person near Atma town at the border with Iskenderun in the northern countryside of Idlib, after targeting to their vehicle with a missile fired by drones affiliated to the “International Coalition”, sources confirmed to the “Syrian Observatory” that the leader is of an Algerian nationality called “Abu Ahmed al-Muhajir”, and the other body remains unidentified until now

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed that unidentified gunmen have shot a military commander in the Turkish-backed faction of “Al-Hamza Division”, in in Bizaah town in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo, which caused his death after being taken to the hospital, followed by wide deployment of members of the faction in the town against the backdrop of the killing of the commander, it is noteworthy that the killed person is the brother of Al-Hamza Division’s leader and he was known in the area for being notorious.

Unidentified gunmen assassinated the “head of Salhab Township”, a captain, after opening fire on him at dawn of Tuesday in front of his workplace in the town.

9 members of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them were killed as a result of an attack by the factions and jihadi groups in several areas in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib.

Also 25 fighters (20 jihadis and 5 of the factions) were killed in aerial and ground bombardment and clashes against the regime forces in areas south-east countryside Idlib.