The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Factions shell positions of the regime forces as clashes continue .. more than 70 airstrikes targeted both Aleppo and Idlib countryside

Rebel and Islamic factions shelled positions of the regime forces in the western countryside of Hama, while jihadi factions targeted Um Al-Karamil and Draykilah in the southern countryside of Aleppo, as well as Rasm Al-Ward and Istablat in south-east of Idlib.

In connection to that, the regime’s warplanes carried out raids targeting the road between Tal Al-Tuqan and Ras Al-Ayn villages in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

Meanwhile, the Russian guarantor’s warplanes bombed Al-Zahabiyah, Maharim and Abad in the southern countryside of Aleppo, along with ongoing artillery shelling on the areas of Jazraya and Zammar in Aleppo countryside.

Thus, the number of today’s raids carried out by the Russian warplanes rose to 42, targeted Al-Nahr Al-Abyad, Al-Qarati, Tal Al-Damm, Abu Sharaji, Al-Sarj, Qatrah, Al-Helba, Harran, Harraki, Al-Dar Al-Kaberah, Um Al-Tinah, Abu Habba and Um Jalal in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib.

Helicopters also dropped barrel bombs targeted Kafr Nubl, the vicinity of Urm Al-Jouz, Al-Dar Al-Kabera, Kansafra, Al-Ftirah, Bzabour, Al-Barij, the vicinity of Maarrat Al-Nu’man and Hantutin in Idlib countryside, bringing the number of barrel bombs they dropped since morning, to 24.

While it rose to 6, the number of warplanes carried out by the regime’s warplanes.

Also the regime’s ground forces shelled the 4 sectors of the “de-escalation” zone with 430 shells and missiles.

On the other hand, the violent clashes have been still continuing in the area of Um Al-Tinah in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib.

SOHR was informed that the regime forces managed to hold on to their positions in the Abandoned Battalion near Al-Mshirfah village in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib, where the “Abandoned Battalion” has been empty of factions since the regime forces imposed their control days ago over Al-Mshirfah.