The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

According to the Russian–Turkish deal, Regime forces complete their deployment on the entire highway of Hasakah–Aleppo (M4)

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned, today, that regime forces have completed their deployment along al-Hasakah–Aleppo International Highway (AKA: M4).

The road was opened today morning, after the regime forces stationed south of the road had accomplished their deployment along the Highway according to the Russian–Turkish agreement about the area of North-east Syria, where the Ankara-backed factions are deploying north of the Highway.

The SOHR monitored on December 7, a new stage of the joint patrols between the Russian forces and their Turkish counterpart, where a joint patrol has patrolled the area between the two sides of al-Hasakah – Aleppo Highway (known as M4).

The 13th patrol was launched from Laylan village which is under the control of the so-called “National Army”, to Alia Silos where Russians were deployed days ago, to the west of Tal Tamr town at the International Highway. The Joint-Patrol was ended at Ghibish village, where the Turkish forces returned to Laylan, while the Russian forces continued their way to al-Qamishli Airbase.

It is noteworthy to say that this is the first time for a patrol within areas beyond SDF control and not located near the border strip with Turkey.