The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For the purpose of conscription, the regime’s security services carry out a new campaign of raids and arrests in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus

Rif Dimashq Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: local sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that the regime’s intelligence carried out a campaign of raids in Douma city in search for the wanted for compulsory service.

According to information obtained by SOHR; patrols of the “State Security” branch raided the neighborhoods of Badran, Al-Jalaa street and the area of Al-Burj Al-Tibbi in Douma city center east of the capital Damascus, where they arrested about 10 young men of military deserters who were notified earlier to join the compulsory service but they have not.

In the same context, SOHR monitored an arrest targeted 5 young men from Al-Mulayha town in the southern sector of the Eastern Ghouta, where the young men were arrested at one of the 4th Division’s security checkpoints between Al-Mulayha and Jaramana cities.