The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 150 raids carried out by the regime’s aircrafts and helicopters on several areas in Syria since this morning

The warplanes have carried out at least 81 raids on places in the neighborhood of Jobar in Damascus, the two cities of Doma and Erbin in Rif Dimashq, places around E’zaz and towns and villages of Mare’, Anadan, Tal ref’at, Deir Hafer, Retyan as well as on the areas of al- Mallah, al- Kastillo, Tal al- Daman, al- Qabr al- Inglizi and Tal al- Madafah in Aleppo, places in the towns of al- Mzirib, Otman, Sayda as well as on Daraa al- Balad in the province of Darra, places in the towns and villages of Mas’adah, Haamada Omar, Aqayrabat, Om al- Rish, Rasm al- Hawayid, Abo Hanaya in Hama, places in the cities, towns and villages of Bennesh, Saraqeb, Taftanaz, Afs, Tal Mennes and the vicinity of the airbases of Abo al- Dohur, and Taftanaz in the province of Idlib as well as on the town of Om Batenah in tal- Quneitera.


The helicopters have dropped 72 barrel bombs on the cities, towns and villages of Inkhel, Kafar shams, al- Sheikh Meskin, Aqrab, Ibtaa, al- Faqi, Kafar Nasej, Salmin and al- Mal in the province of Daraa, places on the towns and villages of Kafar Zita, Allatamnah, al- Zakat, Hasraya, Hamada Omar and Atshan in Hama, places in Khan Sheikhoun, al- Hbet and Abdin the Idlib, on the two cities of al- Zabadani and Harasta in Rif Dimashq, towns of MasHara, Nabi al- Sakher and al- Swaysah in al- Quneitera, village of Handarat in Aleppo as well as places in the city of Talbisah in Homs.


The raids and barrel bombs killed and injured dozens of civilians and caused material damages in people’s properties while some of people are still in critical situation.