The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After being ceased for more than 3 day, Air strikes return to “Putin-Erdogan” area with barrel bombs targeting Idlib countryside

SOHR monitored the return of aerial bombardment on “Putin-Erdoğan” area by barrel bombs dropped by the regime helicopters on areas in Al-Tah and Maar-shorin towns in Idlib countryside, amid the continued flight of helicopters in the skies of the region, and the return of the air strikes come after a halt for more than 3 days, The Syrian Observatory has just monitored the continuation of relative calm throughout the area of “Putin-Erdogan”, while the regime forces violated the uneasy calm after midnight Saturday – Sunday by missiles shelling on the confrontation lines of the southern and south-eastern countryside of Idlib, and Al-Hawija’s confrontation line in Al-Ghab plain in the northwestern countryside of Hama, while the regime forces and Russian “guarantor” warplanes continue its absence from the airspace of the area since the morning of Thursday, December 12,the Syrian Observatory monitored, yesterday evening, a bombardment carried out by regime forces using high-explosive surface-to-surface missiles, targeting  Al-Tahtaya and Al Tah in Idlib countryside, they also shelled by heavy artillery Rakaya, Sajana and Jarjanaz towns in Idlib countryside, al-Ziyara village and The Jisr Beit al-Ras in the northwestern countryside of Hama, without reported any  casualties so far.