One bread bag is all that humanitarian organizations are giving in “al-Wadi Camp” north of Salqin, and more than 3000 displaced people live dire conditions • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

One bread bag is all that humanitarian organizations are giving in “al-Wadi Camp” north of Salqin, and more than 3000 displaced people live dire conditions

“Al-Wadi Camp” is one of tens of the camps sheltering the displaced people who fled the inferno of heavy shelling which targeted many villages and towns within “de-escalation” area, it is located north of Salqin town in the northern countryside of Idlib near the border with Iskenderun, the camp’s residents are suffering from a significant deterioration in living and service conditions, and according to the “Syrian Observatory’s” information, the camp is the home to about 800 families, and it was established on the 15th of October 2018 through the individual efforts of the displaced people who came from villages and towns of southern countryside of Idlib and the northern and western countryside of Hama, where the number of families was not more than 500 family, after that 300 families joined the camp during the recent escalation period on the “de-escalation” area. Sources told the “Syrian Observatory” that al-Wadi camp is one of the most disregarded camps north of Salqeen town, where the camp almost completely submerged in the past few days as a result of the heavy rain, that caused floods and torrents within the camp where the water entered into the tents, but no humanitarian organization helped or assisted the people, and since the establishment of the camp; no organization provided it with the necessary stuff for the settlement of families there, except for one bag of bread per family per day, and since the beginning of the rain; the roads connecting the camp have been closed and the organization has stopped providing the camp with bread, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also monitored the tragic conditions that the displaced in “al-Wadi Camp” are suffering, where a large number of its tents are worn-out, its ground is not prepared and it becomes muddy after the rain, also the camp lacks the presence of toilets and good sanitation, the families are suffering from a severe shortage in food, medical supplies, and drinking water, and there are no fuel for heating in winter and its cold, also the camp’s residents in general suffer from extreme poverty and they are unable to provide for their personal needs, many of whom work in olive picking workshops with a daily wage of 1000 SYP, in order to secure their needs, the camp’s residents collect wood and plastic from garbage to burn them and make the tent warm, also its residents suffer from bad smells because burning these materials results in the combustion of toxic substances.

The displaced people of “al-Wadi Camp” appealed through the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to all humanitarian organizations, charities, and supporters, to go to the camp and support it with what it needs and help its displaced families.

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