The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS attacks a gas station in Homs Desert and kills 13 members of the regime forces and 4 of the station’s workers

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a violent attack carried out by the “Islamic State” organization on one of the Syrian regime’s positions in Homs Desert.

According to sources of the Syrian Observatory; ISIS members attacked a gas station yesterday evening, Thursday, nearly 12 km away from Al-Heel Gas Field that is located in Homs Desert near the administrative border with Deir Ezzor.

ISIS managed to kill 13 members of the regime forces including a lieutenant, 4 citizens work in the station were also killed by gunfire of ISIS members.

Thus, the death toll rose to at least 292 members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, including at least 2 Russians, in addition to 37 of the Iranian militias of non-Syrian nationalities, were all killed during attacks, bombings and ambushes by the “Islamic State” organization west of Euphrates in the deserts of Deir Ezzor, Homs, and Al-Suwaidaa, in addition to the killing of 4 citizens of those working in gas fields in attacks by ISIS whose death was documented by SOHR, also the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 103 of the “Islamic State” Organization, of who were killed during the same period during attacks, shelling, and targeting.