The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces continue to capture villages southeast of Idlib, approaching the threshold of Turkish observation post in Al-Sarman, raising the number of areas they controlled to 21

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of two men in a Russian air strike on Telmans town in the southern countryside of Idlib after midnight On Saturday – Sunday, while regime forces continue their ground attacks in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib, making further advances ahead of opposition factions and jihadists with ground and air support.

The number of areas regime forces have controlled since the start of the military operation on Thursday evening, 19th of this month, has increased to 21 areas, including Um Jalal, Um Al-Tweena, Al-Khariba, Al-Rabia, Al-Shaara, Bernan, Sahal, Al-Farjeh, Abu Habeh, Al-Rafeh, Al-Sarj, Haran, Al-Sayyadi, Tal Dam, Katra, Al-Brisa, Tal Al Sheikh, Mazraat-Al Ali, Al Burj,Al Haraki and Al Mindar. Regime forces are now on the outskirts of Al-Sarman village, where there is a Turkish observation post.

The Syrian Observatory documented the death of five soldiers of regime forces and the allied armed forces, and seven members of opposition factions and jihadists were killed during the shelling and clashes since after midnight.