The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli rocket fire targets regime and Iranian positions in perimeter of Damascus International Airport

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that two missiles at least fell on positions of the regime forces and Iranian militias in the vicinity of Aqraba area in the capital Damascus.

Regime air defenses have downed at least one missile before it reaches its target.

According to sources, ambulances rushed to the place where the Israeli missiles had fallen in Aqraba, which refers to fall of casualties.

These successive actions were coincided with setting up a large number of military roadblocks along the road to Damascus International Airport.

SOHR has just monitored Israeli strikes slam regime and Iranian positions in Damascus

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored the sound of three explosions at least shock the areas in the capital Damascus and its countryside.

The explosions were caused by regime air defenses while trying to intercept missiles believed to be Israeli ones targeted positions of the regime forces and Iranian militiamen in the vicinity of the Damascus.

On November 20, SOHR monitored more details about the Israeli airstrikes that targeted the Syrian territory after midnight of Thursday – Wednesday, where the Israeli missiles targeted positions in al-Kiswah, Sasa Area, al-Mazzeh airbase, Jdaydet Artouz, Qudsaya suburb, and the surrounding Sahnaya south and southwest of the capital Damascus.

Weapons and ammunition depots belong to the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were destroyed, a camp for them was targeted as well, in addition to targeting batteries of ground-to-air missiles and positions of the regime forces.

The strikes caused casualties and injuries in the ranks of the regime forces, al-Quds Corps, and the militias loyal to them, in which 11 of them were confirmed killed including seven of non-Syrian nationality, while a young woman was injured by shrapnel due to the Israeli shelling in Qudsaya suburb, also a family of a man, his wife, and son were pulled from under the rubble of a house in Beit Sabir village in Sasa area after one of the Israeli missiles targeted the house.