The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military operations see significant decline in south-east Idlib as new atmospheric depression begins in the region

SOHR monitored decline in clashes between regime forces and armed men loyal to them on one hand, and opposition factions and jihadist groups on the other, in south-eastern countryside of Idlib on Monday morning, due to deterioration in weather conditions and start of a new atmospheric depression in the region.

Meanwhile, jihadist groups and opposition factions have not been able to recapture any area during the counter-attack carried out in the past hours. Also regime forces have not made new advances since they took control of Babolin at midnight yesterday.

Regime forces are now trying to advance on Ma’rata’s frontline east of Telmans town, while Russian warplanes launched raids this morning and after midnight Sunday – Monday on places in Ma’rat al-Numan city, Jarjanaz city, Deir Sharqi and Deir Gharbi villages, amid intensive ground bombardment targeting villages of Ma’rat al-Numan countryside. Regime forces also bombed areas in the vicinity of Orm al-Kubra in western Aleppo countryside.

Since the start of military operation on Thursday evening, the 19th of December, regime forces have captured 31 areas: Um Jalal, Um al-Tweena, Al-Khariba, Al-Rabia, Al-Sharaa, Bernan, Sahal, Al-Farajeh, Abu Haba, Al-Rafeh, Haran, Al-Sayyadi, Tal al-Shaykh, Al-Brisa, Mazraat Al-Ali, Al-Burj, Al-haraki, Al Minthar, Tahtaya, Al-Halbeh, Al Karati, Karsatneh, Al Maysruna, Sakiyeh, Al Tah, Al Sarman, Abu Makki and Babolin.