The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli missile strikes kill at least three non-Syrian persons in south of capital Damascus

SOHR learned that Israeli missile strikes south of the capital Damascus, killed at least three people of non-Syrian nationalities, where they are likely to be Iranians who were killed by fall of a rocket on the area between Sayyida Zainab and Aqraba south of the capital Damascus yesterday evening, and information about more casualties were reported.

On November 20, SOHR reported that 11 people, including seven persons of non-Syrian nationality, were killed by Israeli missiles that hit positions in Al-Kiswa, Sa’asa, Al-Mazzeh military airport, Jdaydet Artooz, Qudssaya Suburb and Sahnaya’s vicinity in south and south-west of the capital Damascus. Where weapons and ammunition depots of Al-Qods Corps affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRG) have been destroyed, and of their camps has been targeted, a surface-to-air missile batteries and regime forces positions have been targeted as well.