The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In 85 hours of military operation south-east of Idlib .. 225 casualties documented among warring parties .. regime imposes control over 35 areas .. and 40000 civilians forced to displace

Clashes continue in areas in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib between the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them against factions and jihadi groups.

The clashes accompanied by ground shelling and comes as a part of the regime ongoing attack, despite the bad weather.

In this context, the regime forces managed to achieve new advancement raising the number of areas they imosed control over, to 33 areas (Um Jalal, Um Al-Tweena, Al-Khariba, Al-Rabia, Al-Shaara, Bernan, Sahal, Al-Farjeh, Abu Habeh, Al-Rafeh, Al-Sarj, Haran, Al-Sayyadi, Tal al-Damm, Qatrah, Al-Brisa, Tal Al Sheikh, Mazra’aat Al Ali, Al Burj, Al Haraki, Al Mindar, Tahtaya, al-Halba, al-Qarati, Karsatna, al-M’eisruneh, Sakiya, al-Tah, al-Sarman, Abu Makki, Babulin, Maarata and Fa’lul).

SOHR also documented 225 casualties in the ranks of both warring parties, they are: 99 of the regime forces and militias loyal to them, and 126 fighters including 21 of the factions and the rest are Jihadis.

On the other hand, more citizens have been forced to displace from Saraqib and Maarrat Al-Nu’man its vicinity and countryside, due to the recent military operation, raising the number of people displaced since the operations started to 40000.