The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Eight people including five children killed in a massacre by Russian warplanes in Jubas village, one km away from M5

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented that the Russian warplanes committed a new massacre after targeting Jubas village at the outskirts of Saraqib east of Idlib, as the number of people who were killed in the Russian bombardment on a school accommodates displaced people one km away from Aleppo – Damascus International Highway (M5), rose to eight including five children and one woman.

The death toll is expected to increase due to the presence of injuries some of whom are in serious conditions.

SOHR monitored hours ago, that the factions and jihady groups recovered Tal Mannas town and Al-Ghadfah village south-east of Idlib, hours after the regime imposed control over them.

Now, exchange of intense bombardment between both parties is going on in the areas of Tal Mannas, Al-Bersah, Maarshmarin, Maarshamsheh and Maarshourin.

SOHR reported hours ago, that the regime forces got within four km close to Aleppo – Damascus International Highway that passes through Maarrat Al-Nu’man city.