The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Members of Turkish-backed militias offer to surrender to SDF in return for safe passage to Idlib: SDF approves and Russia rejects

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that members of the Turkish-backed of the Turkish military operation, “Peace Spring”, tried to escape from the operation areas in Tal Abyad, where they offered the Syria Democratic Forces to withdraw and hand over all their heavy weapons and weapons they have; in exchange for opening a road for them to move to Manbij so that they can escape from it to Jarabulus then Idlib.

According to a very reliable SOHR source, the “Syria Democratic Forces” agreed to the offer and prepared several buses to allow them to move to Manbij, but the Russian forces refused it completely, reliable sources said that “a large number of members of these factions are still arriving in the area in order to escape to Idlib.”