The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

40000 civilians flee Saraqib in 100 hours as international community turns blind eye to the humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib

Regime and Russian aerial operations on Idlib have been halted for more than two days due to the poor weather conditions. However, people continue to flee several areas in both eastern and south-eastern countryside of Idlib, for fear of resuming aerial operations when weather gets better.

SOHR has monitored a new spike in the number of displaced people who flee Saraqib town and villages in its eastern countryside. It documented the displacement of more than 40000 civilians during the past four days, in which the area became empty of population almost completely.

As a result, the humanitarian catastrophe got aggravated even more, amid the international community’s inaction towards the regime and Russian violations against civilians there.

Accordingly, humanitarian tragedy in the IDP camps at the border with Iskenderun has been growing, because of displaced people influx to these camps along with low temperature.

As mass displacement continues, it rose to 150000, the number of people forced to displace since early December, from the eastern countryside of Maarrat Al-Nu’man (the villages from Um Jalal to Maasaran and from Maarrat Al-Nu’man to the vicinity of Abu Al-Duhur), in addition to towns and villages in Jabal Al-Zawiya south of Idlib city, and villages in the east of Saraqib town in the eastern sector of Idlib countryside.

It is noteworthy that two thirds of those people, displaced during the period from Tuesday, December 17, until today.