The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Drones targets Hama Military Airbase, no casualties reported

SOHR has monitored that air defense system in Hama Military Airbase thwarted an attack by drones. Sources reported hearing heavy artillery in the perimeter of Hama Military Airbase. This sound is not known so far whether it was of artillery shelling or caused as the drones managed to hit targets inside the airbase.

This attack is coincided with the flight of a Russian reconnaissance drone loaded with cluster bombs, over the vicinity of Qastun village in the north-western countryside of Hama.

On December 24, SOHR reported that regime’s air defenses which are in the vicinity of Jub Ramla airstrip west of Hama province; countering this evening a drone attack, and according to sources of the Syrian Observatory, air defenses of the airport were able to shoot down one of the drones.

“Jub Ramla” Airport is a considered as helipad, its areas of operations are in the countryside of Idlib, Hama, and Latakia.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored yesterday that anti-aircraft defense repelled a new drone attack on Hama military airport and Jab Ramla area west of Hama, at midnight last night.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory reported hearing explosions at Hama military airport, as a result of repelling foreign objects by the anti-aircraft defense to what is believed to be “drones”.

The Syrian Observatory also reported hearing explosions in the vicinity of Jabala city in Latakia countryside, where sources confirmed that these explosions are caused by repelling foreign objects by anti-aircraft defenses at Russian base “Hmeimim”, believed to be “drones” fly over the region.