Calm on in Idlib frontlines with stoppage of Russian air strikes for 9 hours • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Calm on in Idlib frontlines with stoppage of Russian air strikes for 9 hours

SOHR has observed a relative calm throughout the area of “Putin-Erdoğan”, particularly the frontline areas of rural Idlib, where the regime and Russia aircraft have been still halting operations from midnight until the moment, with heavy rains in the area.

Exchange fire with missiles and heavy machine guns are taking place in east and southeast Idlib, between regime forces and loyalists on one hand, opposition factions and jihadist groups on the other.

The Syrian Observatory has reported yesterday evening, that several Russian warplanes consecutively bombed the southern outskirts of Saraqeb city with high-explosive missiles, the number of raids on both Masaran and al-Deir Al-Sharqi rises to 13.

Moreover, regime’s ground forces shelled the villages of Jabal Shahshabo in the northern countryside of Hama and the frontlines of the southern Idlib countryside, and violent clashes took place on the frontline Muqqa town, without reported any casualties so far.

The Syrian Observatory documented yesterday the death of 36 members of jihadist groups and regime forces, all have been killed in clashes in rural Idlib, 27 members of regime forces were killed, while 9 members of jihadist fighters were killed.

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