Poverty forces tens of families to remain at the mercy of shelling in several villages of Jabal Shashabo • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Poverty forces tens of families to remain at the mercy of shelling in several villages of Jabal Shashabo

Tens of thousands of families have displaced from Idlib and Hama countryside within the so-called “de-escalation area”, coinciding with the escalation in recent months, until these towns became almost completely empty for a short period of time, but the difficulties and costs of displacement were more severe than the bombing of Russian warplanes and barrels of the helicopters, which forced tens of families to return, or perhaps, that house under air strikes was a dream for some people.

Where an extremely poor families are still living in villages of Jabal Shashabo, including “al-Zanqar, Dirona, Kokia, Rasha, and al-Zinjar”, where nearly 100 families depend on livestock and agriculture as their source of income are living there, of whose physical circumstances have not helped them to displace and carry its burdens by securing a house to rent, or even a tent, not to mention what comes with displacement from providing water and basic life requirements.

These families preferred to stay in their homes and the simplicity of their livelihood, like a water well that would cost only dropping a “bucket” in it to get water, and an agricultural land in the vicinity of the house to plough, plant, and eat from it with a little effort and work as the primitive life, but still, that is not enough, where the villages have no a small shop for people to buy their needs, which are considered luxuries for them, forcing them to travel long distances towards the inhabited villages in order to buy what they need.

And as winter enters, some families started to cut fruit trees in order to secure winter supplies, cook, and other uses, due to high fuel prices and due to the fact that the gasoline is missing from the markets, as they prefer not to move; fearing the constant shelling and insecurity in their areas.

Jabal Shashabo is located in the northern countryside of Hama and in several villages of the southern countryside of Idlib, and has about 22 villages from which about 35000 people have displace, of which the people of about 17 villages are completely displaced, while several families are still living five villages are still in the country.

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