The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian warplanes take 11 hospitals and medical facilities out of service in the latest flare-up of violence in Idlib

The Russian guarantor’s warplanes and regime aircraft were not only content to kill, injure and displace hundreds of thousands of civilians, but they also target infrastructure.

During the latest aerial bombardment escalation campaign started in early November, regime and Russian aircraft targeted hospitals and medical centers directly, just like they did during the fiercest escalation campaign between April and August.

SOHR has documented during this period tens of hospitals and medical centers to be knocked out of service, due to the hysterical bombardment, especially by Russia, including ((Kafr Zita Hospital, Jisr Al-Shughur Hospital, Kiwan Hospital in Kafr Oweid, Sham Central Hospital, Kafr Nubl Surgical Hospital, the hospitals of Al-Sayedah Mariam (Saint Mary), Al-Khatib and Al-Orient in Kafr Nubl, Nabd Al-Hayat Hospital in Hass, Al-Tah Hospital, Serjah Hospital, Balshon Hospital and the 112 Hospital in Qalaat al-Madiq, Al-Magharah Hospital and Sham Hospital in Al-Lataminah town, a specialist hospital in Hawwash village, a maternity hospital in Tremla, Al-Amal Hospital in Kansafra, in addition to medical and health facilities in Kafr Nabudah, Maarrat Hurmah, Al-Hbit, Rakaya, Kafrumah, the center of Al-Ghab, Khan Shaykhun and Hish)).

Since November, SOHR has documented more than 11 hospitals and medical facilities to be destroyed and put out of service, due to Russian direct air strikes, they are (Al-Rahman Hospital in Tal Mannas, Al-Rawdah and Sham hospitals in Kafr Nubl, Kiwan Hospital in Kansafra, Maysar Hospital in Al-Ghadfah, Al-Salam Maternal Hospital in Al-Maarra, Saraqib Hospital, Maarrat Al-Nu’man Hospital, Saraqib health center, the Health Center in Maarshourin, Jisr Al-Shugur Dispensary, in addition to other health points and facilites).

In this context, the management of “Aqrabat” border hospital issued a statement announcing the suspension of surgical operations and receiving patients until further notice, starting from the 1st of January 2020, because of the suspension of support. If the support is permanently suspended, then the work will be limited only to the emergency services.

On the 24th of December, the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS) issued a statement announcing the suspension of work at al-Salam Maternity Hospital in Maarrat al-Nu’man, due to heavy raids on the city. “SAMS staff were forced to suspend the work at Saraqib Health Center in the eastern countryside of Idlib.” It added.

The society noted that Maarrat al-Nu’man Hospital is the largest hospital in north and west of Syria. It pointed out that it began supporting it in February 2015, in order to serve all people of the area for free, and provided it most of the medical services.

On December 10, the Syrian Observatory sources monitored the Turkish government detaining medical aid trucks, which were heading to al-Qeniyyeh hospital in Jisr al-Shughur. They asked the administration not to promote this matter in the media.

The medical staff appealed to the Turkish government to abandon any political, regional, or international considerations that may obstacle medical work, which has long been clamped down on by of the criminal “Assad” regime.