The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 22 Russian air strikes hit Idlib city

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Russian warplanes targeted the vicinity of Idlib city with more than 22 air strikes after midnight Tuesday – Wednesday, where the area includes the Central Prison of Idlib, which has been hit before by Russian air strikes, the human toll of these air strikes is not yet clear.

The opposition factions shelled after midnight regime-held areas in Jurin, Shatha al-Aziziya, Al-Rasif and Al-Jid in Al-Ghab plain in the northwestern countryside of Hama, while regime forces shelled areas in villages located in rural Maarat al-Numan, the shelling took place in Talmenes, Maar Shamsheh, Maar Shorin, Masaran, Maraat Al Numan, Al Deir Al Sharqi and Al Deir Al Gharbi.