Levies .. kidnapping .. arrests: Turkish-backed factions continue their violations against remaining civilians in Afrin • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Levies .. kidnapping .. arrests: Turkish-backed factions continue their violations against remaining civilians in Afrin

Aleppo Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Turkish backed factions have been still continuing their violations against what remained of Afrin’s people in the north-western countryside of Aleppo.

Through such violations, the factions attempt to force the remaining people in Afrin to leave their areas as a part of making the demographic change which the Turkish Intelligence seeks to implement, amid ongoing international silence and inaction towards the continued violations against Afrin’s

In this context, SOHR sources reported that one of the factions in control of Ahmad Mastah village, has arrested seven civilians on charge of being on contact with their relatives in Al-Shahbaa.

It is noteworthy that two of the arrested people, were arrested previously, then released after paying levies.

Also a man was kidnapped by members of a Turkish-backed faction in Deir Sawwan village of Sharran Township in Afrin.

On December 30, SOHR reported that the Turkish-backed factions is continuing to clamp down on the remaining civilians in Afrin and its countryside especially the Kurds, in order to push them leave, so that the factions could accomplish demographic change planed to be made in the area.

In this context, local sources informed the Syrian Observatory, that armed members of the “Political Security” have arrested a civilian from Mamulu village of Raju Township in Afrin countryside. The civilian was arrested from his workplace in the Transportation Department in Afrin Civil Council. He was taken to unknown destination without revealing the reasons for arresting him.

In connection to this, Turkish-backed armed members have arrested two engineers and a female during day shift in Afrin Civil Council.

In Sheikh Hadid Township, armed members affiliated to the Turkish-backed faction of “Liwaa Al-Waqqas” arrested more than ten young men from Anqalah village, and took them to unknown destination. Then, they asked their families to pay 10,000 USD for each one of them, in return for releasing them.

SOHR has also learned that armed men of the Sultan Shah faction known as “Al-Amshat”, imposed royalty (1,000 SYL) over every person in the three villages of Jaqla, to be paid monthly to the faction.

Meanwhile, the Turkish-backed “Civil Police” arrested a family (a man, his wife and his mother) from Deir Sawwan village of Sharran Township in Afrin countryside. They were taken to one of the Civil Police’s prisons in Sharran Township, without revealing the reasons and motives for arresting them.

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