The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime aircraft executes more than 50 air strikes on rural Idlib since morning

Regime warplanes and helicopters continue their intensive bombardment on Idlib province as weather conditions relatively gets better.

Since morning, Regime warplanes carried out 29 air strikes on places in Maarrat Al-Nu’man city, Tal Mannas, Khan Al-Sabil, Maasaran, Deir Gharbi and Damascus – Aleppo International Highway “M5”.

Meanwhile, helicopters dropped 22 barrel bombs on Maarrat Al-Nu’man city, Tal Mannas, Maarshamsheh, Hish, Deir Sharqi and Babulin.

Also Regime ground forces targeted fired tens of rocket shells on places in Maarshourin, Maarshamsheh, Tal Mannas, Maarrat al-Nu’man, Babila, Khan al-Sabil, the Surroundings of Maar Dibseh and other places in both southern and south-eastern countryside of Idlib.