The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

8 men tortured to death in Daraa, and the helicopters drop 11 barrel bombs on Darayya


Daraa Province: A man from the town of Tafas tortured to death inside the regime jails after he was arrested 2 and half years ago rising the number of people who died inside the regime jails to 8 men.. A child from the town of Ibtaa died due to carrying out 2 raids on the town. 2 fighters from the Islamic battalions died due to dropping barrel bombs on the town of al- Yadodah. A woman from the town of Da’el killed by a sniper shot.


The Helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the towns of the Eastern Gharya , Ibtaa and Nemer as well as on Tal al- Harrah area. They also dropped 2 barrel bombs on the town of al- Hrak.


The regime forces shelled places in the two villages of al- Msab and al- Jesri.


Clashes took place between the regime forces against the rebel and Islamic battalions on the outskirts of the Brigade 52 in the vicinity of the town of al- Hrak.


Rif Dimashq Province: 2 men from the city of al- Zabadani tortured to death inside the regime jails. A commander in a rebel brigade died after he was targeted by the regime forces in Jrud al- Qalamoun.


The warplanes carried out 6 raids at least on places in the city of Doma in the Eastern Ghouta leading to kill a woman and a child while others were wounded, some of them seriously wounded. They also carried out some raids on Jrud al- Qalamoun and outskirts of the town of Jesrin. The helicopters dropped 11 barrel bombs on places in the city of Darayya and 2 other barrels on the city of al- Zabadani.


The regime forces shelled places in al- Villat Street, around the cemetery of the town of Khan al- Shih and town of Bala in the Western Ghouta.


The clashes between rebel and Islamic battalions against IS militants had renewed in al- Qalamoun area with information about casualties on both sids.


Damascus Province: A mortar shell landed on al- Aamara area near Bab Toma in the city of Damascus leading to wound some people and caused material damages in people’s properties.