Religious "Shura General Council" launches a mobilization campaign to recruit children and young people • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Religious “Shura General Council” launches a mobilization campaign to recruit children and young people

HTS continues its campaigns of attracting youth in its controlled areas with the purpose of pushing them to join its ranks. The organization aims to recruit young people and children under the age of 18, contrary to international charters and accords on the involvement of children in armed conflicts.

In this context, the religious “Shura General Council” in Idlib has released a campaign under the name “Anfiru Khifafan Thiqala” (call out the young and old to go to war), in HTS areas of influence. Through this campaign, it aims to mobilize young people to Jihad, and argue the area’s residents to fulfill their duty of jihad by granting themselves (as fighters) and their money for defending their country against the Russian occupier and criminal regime.

In September 2019, SOHR reported about the release of advocacy campaigns in Idlib under the name “Jahid Benafsak” (Jihad is calling), especially the areas where displaced people are located near the border with Iskenderun north of Idlib.

According to SOHR sources; Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham established an advocacy forum in Sarmada town, Salqin, Atma, Harem, and Idlib city.

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