The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guard” continues to seize civilian homes in Al-Mayadeen city

SOHR has learned that the militia of “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” continues to seize the homes of expatriate civilians in the city of Al-Mayadeen in eastern rural Deir ez-Zor, where three villas were recently seized in the area between the water station and the hospital of Al Tib Al Hadith, to house leading figures of the militia.

All farms bordering the Euphrates River were also seized in the area between al-Baloum and Nazlet Al Mashro’a, where military patrols were recently conducted, the seizure occurred during the period from 15 to 30 December last year for fear of repeated targeting of Iranians there, SOHR sources added.

The Syrian Observatory reported, on Sunday, that Iranian-backed militias had evacuated their headquarters in the city of Albu Kamal so as to avoid any potential shelling on Iranian-backed militia positions in Syria, Iranian-backed militias were deployed in orchards on the banks of Euphrates River while security guards maintained in their headquarters, according to SOHR sources.