Regime Security forces raid a town northern rural Homs and arrest 12 civilians • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime Security forces raid a town northern rural Homs and arrest 12 civilians

Homs Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

Regime’s security services continue to crack down on civilians within areas recaptured by regime forces in northern rural Homs. The Syrian Observatory has learned that the “Military Security” branch, regime security services affiliate, has arrested at least 12 residents of Tal al-Dhahab town, without any information on the reasons for the arrest.

Al Houla area of northern rural Homs is undergoing a tense situation for days amid intensification of the regime’s patrols in the area, following the assassination of a collaborator and a military security informant.

The Syrian Observatory reported that regime intelligence services had made arrests last October in the towns of northern rural Homs, during which dozens of young people were arrested, and according to «Syrian Observatory» sources, regime intelligence arrested nearly 20 people from Al Houla town in northern rural Homs, following the killing of a regime agent in early October, others were arrested following the killing of Syrian regime’s members, during the period where opposition factions controlled the northern rural Homs.

Moreover, unknown persons wrote anti-regime graffiti on some walls in Al Houla city, writings like “Al Hamza Brigade is coming back again, wait for us, regime agents.”


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