Unknown drones target Iranian positions in Al-Bokamal on the Iraq – Syria border • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Unknown drones target Iranian positions in Al-Bokamal on the Iraq – Syria border

SOHR sources reported hearing several explosions in the area near the Syrian – Iraqi border. It was revealed that unidentified drones targeted in the early hours of Friday morning, munitions stores and vehicles of the Iranian militias in Al-Bokamal area.

Hours ago, SOHR reported that drones was monitoring the Iranian militias’ movements in the area. Meanwhile, reliable sources told SOHR  that Putin has informed Al-Assad about the U.S. intension to close Tehran – Beirut Highway that passes through Al-Bokamal.

SOHR also monitored an attack by unknown drones on Al-Jalaa town and Al-Abbas village in Al-Bokamal city.

On January 8, drones bombarded Al-Majudah town targeting palm trees orchards in Al-Bokamal countryside where Iranian militias are deployed. No information about casualties was reported.

The Syrian Observatory monitored the transfer of heavy weapons and armored vehicles from several headquarters of Iranian-backed militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah, in al-Jam’eyyat neighborhood of al-Bokamal city, to new locations and headquarters in the green belt area surrounding al-Bokamal city. This action came as part of their anticipation and taking precautions against the possible American strikes, following the killing of Qassim Soleimani, the commander of the Iranian al-Quds Corps.

The Syrian Observatory had monitored the change of positions of the Iranian-loyal militias, and their move to new places near Euphrates riverbank in Deir Ezzor countryside.

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