المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fears on the lives of 200 Assyrians detained by the IS after executing about 1300

About 200 Assyrian civilians are still detained by the IS after kidnapping them since 23 days in 23/Feb, from 11 villages in Tal Tamir countryside, IS released 24 of them in the 2nd and 4th of Mar/2015 they were from the villages of Tal Koran and Tal Shamiran after releasing them by the Shariaa court in the 28th of Feb, An Assyrian military commander reported to SOHR that the IS kept in detention a wife of one of the released after asking him to deliver a message to the archbishoprics and he can take his wife when he comes back with an answer. 

Shekhs of Arabian clans are still working privately to release the detainees, Amid fears by SOHR on their lives after the fake promises by the IS to release them and executing about 2000 persons including 1266 civilians ( 6 children and 8 women ).

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